British Museum – London

I am going to talk about the integrality of the British Museum we have visited last Friday.

The British Museum was built in 1753 and opened to the public in 1759. It is located in Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG. It is a museum where the history and culture of mankind is exposed. It has one of the most important collections of the world.

There is so many rooms but the main rooms are Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle Est. There is a  library and a gift shop where we could buy some items. There are 95 rooms where we can look at this collection.

So first I will talk about Ancient Egypt. Each room displays a different period of Ancient Egypt. Mainly we see mummies (with or without ribbon) and tombs or sarcophagi. We also see lots of pottery and utensils of all kinds (to eat, to work, etc.)

All the pieces are exposed under glasses because they need to be conserved. This exposition is really old (many centuries), so they need attention to stay in their actual state. I learn that Egyptians mummified their animals and particularly cats because they worshiped them. They buried (in the sarcophagi) the dead person with their precious belongings to permit them a good passage to the other world.

In the second part I will talk about what I saw in the Korean section. There was an old typical Korean house from the Joseon dynasty. There was so many ceramic bowls and all type of cooking instruments.
For the Ancient Greece and Rome collection, it exhibited lots of skulls, armor and arms. It was explained how the warriors fought. There was some tools and pieces of walls which symbolized important dates.

In the American exposition, we saw lots of typical clothing from the period. There was also some instruments like ancestral masks, totems, jewels, bowls, etc. I really liked this exposition as Indian culture (of America) is a very spiritual culture. It invokes animals and spirits. It is one of my favorite cultures because they are very connected with nature and it makes us return to our origins. 

The Maya’s exposition was very interesting too. We saw many beautiful ceramic and terracotta sculptures. The Maya’s were also a very fascinating civilisation.  They were very advanced for their time and their beliefs are very interesting. 

I will recommend the British Museum to my friends and to everyone because the museum is a really beautiful place, the architecture is really amazing and its size is impressive. There is many gorgeous items to see and lots of historical periods to discover (or learn more about it). It is part of historical heritage and it gathers various aspects of world culture in to one place and reminds us of our past, it is for this reason I think it is one of the best attractions in London and not to be missed when visiting.

Cet article a été écrit dans le cadre de mes études à l’ESCEN.

Céline Bourra