Interview with Thomas Dubourg
Webdesigner at Mediacrossing

Céline Bourra: Have you always been creative?

Thomas Dubourg: Creativity is the intelligence to think differently. I have always tried to find solutions that are best suited to this or that situation. I never stopped to see things from another angle to see if these solutions were the most appropriate and the most interesting.

CB: What studies did you do?

TD: After high school, I turned to a professional career. I chose to pass an Execution Designer CAP in option Graphic Communication. After two years, I had to make a choice between professional integration or continue training. I decided to continue with a BAC Pro Crafts and Crafts option Graphic Communication for two years. Then I joined a three-year training course in a school specializing in design and computer science, where I got my European bachelor’s degree in computer graphics and multimedia.

CB: Why did you choose the job of web designer?

TD: I did not really choose. I had a proposal at the end of my studies that I accepted. It’s a job that came to me. Today I do not regret having accepted this offer which made me become webdesigner!

CB: What was your career?

TD: During my schooling, I had to do internships, a dozen or so, all very different from each other: Signage, vehicle wrapping, press, packaging, event advertising, magazine edition, communication 360. J did my last internship at TBWA COMPACT in Bordeaux. I then joined the Mediacrossing agency where I have been for almost 10 years now.

CB: What career changes for a web designer?

TD: Depending on the structure in which we are, a web designer can be responsible for: digital creation, digital innovation, digital design, art direction or all at once! But the work to get there is long … It depends a lot on the objectives of the company and the ambitions of each one. It can simply be a managerial evolution where the goal would be to create, animate and advance one’s own production unit.

CB: If you had to describe your job in three words, it would be:

TD: Summarize in only three words is hard! But Adaptation – Accuracy – Quality summarize my job well.

CB: What inspires you?

TD: People. I am very curious and observant. I like to live things thoroughly with the people around me. I then use this inspiration in the projects I develop, this is called UX Design!

CB: How to keep abreast of new trends?

TD: The simplest is to follow the influencers. It is they who analyze, dissect and criticize social-cultural movements, and then distribute this information en masse.

CB: The sites that inspire you? Those on whom you find your inspiration.

TD: I only use Pinterest. I have a tab that is open all the time. I go there to search for emotional inspiration, through strong and meaningful images, in order to condition myself for the project I am on. I also look at whether structural trends are changing.

CB: The trends: are we following them, we are ahead of them?

TD: Trends are necessarily followed, ahead of them is innovation.

CB: Thank you

TD: You’re welcome!

Céline Bourra